Porsche 968 1991 - 1995 Workshop Service Manual

Porsche 968 1991 - 1995 Workshop Service Manual

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02.1995 / All Regions / 1 CD / Windows OS, MacOS, Linux / 32 & 64 bit

Porsche 968 1991 - 1995 PDF workshop service & repair manual

Language: English

Engines: Engine 3.0L 176kW M44.43

Technical data   
Maintenance, Self-diagnosis general
Operating instructions for system tester

Engine, Crankcase, Engine Mounts
Tolerances and wearlimits     
Tightening torques for engine     
Removing and installing engine (manual transmission)     
Removing and installing engine (tiptronic transmission)     

Engine, Crankshaft, Pistons
Adjusting guide rail for balance shaft toothed belt     
Checking adjustment of balance shafts     
Fitting toothed belt for balance shaft     
Adjusting Special Tool  
Checking and adjusting balance shaft toothed belt tension   
Crankcase markings   
Locking the flywheel for assembly work   
Engine support     
Crankcase - Tools   
Machining cylinder bores in upper crankcase section     
Crankcase - Installation length or protrusion length of studs     
Dismantling and assembling crankcase, crankshaft    
Aligning the upper and lower parts of the crankcase   
Crankshaft - Standard and Repair Dimensions     
Dismantling and assembling pistons, connecting rod    
Checking piston and cylinder bore     
Dismantling and assembling balance shaft drive     
Removing and installing double-mass flywheel and grooved ball bearing

Engine, Cylinder Head, Valve Drive
Replacing the camshaft toothed belt
Applying TDC mark to camshaft sprocket     
Camshaft adjustment gauge (shop-made)     
Fitting the camshafts     
Fitting the camshaft seal

Camshaft references   
Machining the cylinder head mating face   
Removing and installing cylinder head   
Valve dimensions   
Dismantling and assembling camshaft drive

Cylinder head, disassembling and assembling   
Valve springs, removing and installing with Sauer tool    
Valve springs, removing and installing, removing seal   
Checking valve guides   
Replacing valve guides   
Checking valve-seat wear limit    
Valve seats, checking and machining   
Checking and adjusting installation length of valve springs   

Engine, Lubrication
Removing and installing lubrication system components   
Dismantling and assembling oil pressure release valve   
Removing and installing oil restraining valve   
Checking oil pressure   
Cleaning the entire engine oil system

Engine, Cooling
Mixing table   
Cooling and heating system for tightness

Fuel Supply
Fuel vacuum line routing

Replacing fuel fitter, checking injection lines for leaks and tightness
Fuel System - Electronic Injection
Test values   
Checking idle and CO level of vehicles without catalytic converter   
Checking idle and CO level of vehicles with catalytic converter

Removing and installing DME injection system components    
Removing and installing injection valves
Checking fuel pressure   

Ignition system
Replacing spark plugs
DME control units
Removing and installing knock sensors   

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