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02.2024 / All Regions / USB stick 128 Gb / Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 / 32 & 64 bitCLAAS WEBTIC Offline service and repair documentation catalogWorkshop service and repair manuals, Assembly / Installation / Removal instructions, Adjustment instructions, Fitting instructions, Lubrication / Maintenance, Operator manuals, Technical data, Electrical and hydraulic diagrams, Schematics, Specifications, Special tools, Diagnosis, Troubleshooting and other infortmationCovered Equipment:Combines, Forage Harvesters, Tractors, Balers, Mowers, Tedders, Swathers, Self-Loading Wagons, Telehandlers, Cane Harvesters, EASY systems, Miscellaneous/OtherLanguage: EnglishNote: required ~approx 103 Gb free space for installationCOMPLETE MODEL LIST PLEASE CLICK HEREWebtic features:Service and repair documentationElectrical/Hydraulic diagramsSchematicsTechnical documentationOperator manualsTroubleshootingDTC trouble codesHose standardsLubricationMaintenanceSpecificationsSafety instructionsTime guidesSpecial toolsModel indexesZoom featuresPrint high quality text and illustrationsOTHER..
$350.00 -29 % $250.00
10.2023 / All Regions / 5 DVD-DL / Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 / 32 & 64 bit Claas Parts Doc 2.2 Agricultural equipment EPC electronic spare parts catalog (update 799) Combines, Tractors, Balers, Loader Wagons, Mowers, Forage Harvesters, Swathers, Telehandlers, Tedders, Wheel Loaders, Steering systems / Telematics / Sensors, Miscellaneous / Lubricants / Accessories and other Languages: English, French, German, Italian, SpanishCOMPLETE MODEL LIST PLEASE CLICK HEREPartsDoc features:Parts and part numbers searchMachine serial number decodingSpecificationsSpecial toolsAccessories catalogModel indexesZoom featuresPrint high quality text and illustrationsOTHER..
$300.00 -33 % $200.00
09.2023 / All Regions / 1 CD / Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 / 32 & 64 bitHitachi MPDr Maintenance Pro Diagnostic Tool rel. 3.29Languages: English, Japanese, French, Spanish, PortugueseMain Features:Various settings and checks for the engine, machine body, monitor and others can be done.Items displayed on the screen vary depending on the machine model.• Engine/MFOperation check of engine related devices can be done.• Machine BodySettings for the machine controls can be done.• MonitorSettings regarding the monitor can be done.• InformationInformation controller and communication terminal can beset and checked.• OthersSerial number and version of controllers can be checked.• Work when you upgrade the controllerRewrite of controller software or setting for replaced controller can be done.• File ReadingThis function is used when loading and setting an external file.• Special specification machineSettings for special specification machine can be done.• Rewrite the controllerRewrite of controller software can be done.For connection required USB serial cable, an interlink cross cable, and a connecting harnessCovered models:Mini Excavator (under 6 ton)MC (OPT)ZX-5B(ICF) (OPT)ECU (With MF)ECU (Without MF)Mining Excavator (over 100 ton)EX-1EX-5EX-6EX-7EX1200-6 (MC,DLU2)EX1200-7 (MC,DLU3)Dump TruckRigid dump (AC-2)Rigid dump (AC-3)Rigid dump (EH-3,EH-5)Wood/Soil recycling machineSR-6Hydraulic Excavator (6 ton-under 40 ton)ZX-7ZX-6 (G-series) MC/ECM, DCUZX-5 (G-series)ZH-6 MC/ECM, DCUZH-5ZH-3GZX-6A (6t-7t) MC, ECU (Without MF)ZX-5A (Yanmar) MC, ECU (Without MF)ZX-5G,5A (6t-7t) MC, ECU (Without MF)ZX-3 (D-series)ZX-1 (C-series)EX-5EX-3 or earlierWheel type hydraulic excavatorZXW-7ZXW-6 (G-series) MC, DCU (ISUZU)ZXW-5 (G-series)ZXW-3 (D-series)ZXW-1 (C-series)EXW-3 or earlierCrawler CarrierRDEG-3EG-1Others2G/3G Mobile TerminalHPRO-100 (mini)/QConnectRewrite the controller (CAN)Rewrite the controller (ZX-7)Unit Test of Li-on BatteryCommunication Terminal (KTDC17)Communication Terminal (JRN-360T)DTULarge excavator (40ton-under 100 ton)ZX-7ZX-6 (G-series) MC/ECM, DCUZX-5ZX-3ZX-1EX-5EX-3 or earlierWheel LoaderZW-7ZW-6 MC/ECM; DCU (ISUZU)ZW-5 / Z6 / Z7ZW-1Road Construction MachineCPZCP-6 MC, ECUZCP-5 MC, ECUZCM-5 MC, ECUZCS-6 MC, ECU ..
$150.00 -20 % $120.00

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