Kubota Excavator KX080-3 workshop service manual
  • Kubota Excavator KX080-3 workshop service manual
  • Kubota Excavator KX080-3 workshop service manual
  • Kubota Excavator KX080-3 workshop service manual
  • Kubota Excavator KX080-3 workshop service manual

Kubota Excavator KX080-3 workshop service manual

Brand: Kubota
Product Code: Kubota
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01.2010 / All Regions / 1 CD / Windows OS, MacOS, Linux / 32 & 64 bit

Kubota Excavator KX080-3 PDF workshop service & repair manual

Languages: English

Body and engine identification marks
Safety precautions for servicing, disassemble and reassembly
Important safety process and critical functional process
Important inspection items after reassembling
Servicing fundamentals
Maintenance intervals

Machine Body
New Product Feature
Feature, quick chart
Maintenence components layout
Rubber track vs Iron track
Greasing intervals

Engine specifications
Performance curve
Different installation from V3800 basic model

Hydraulic system
Features of the hydraulic system
Hydraulic components layout
Hydraulic Circuit Diagram
Hydraulic pump
Main specifications
Outer view
Functional parts 1
Functional parts 2
Pump control circuit
FYI (For Your Information)

Control Valve
Control valve
Layout, delivery circuit and external pipe flow
Inlet section of mono-block valve
Center closed valve section (Bucket, S/P 1, Boom)
Center closed valve section (Arm)
Arm regenerative flow
Swing section (Center closed valve)
P1 and P2 inlets and travel selector valve
Travel section (Center open type)
P3 inlet and P3 confluence section
SP2 section (Mechanical flow adjustment)
Swivel section
P3 bypass confluence valve
LS bleed

Control valve circuit
Control valve hydraulic circuit diagram
Control valve hydraulic circuit in traveling
Control valve hydraulic circuit under LS system control without traveling
Control valve P3 hydraulic circuit
Control valve P3 confluence hydraulic circuit
Control valve P3 bypass circuit
Control valve high-pressure selection function
Control valve AI signal hydraulic circuit
FYI (For Your Information)

Electrical system
Feature and main function
Development concept
Service port1 (S/P1) speed limit control
Fuel supply pump
Intake air heater control
Boom cylinder overload sensing
Travel alarm system
Components layout and circuit diagram
Components layout
Main components diagram
Electrical circuit diagram
Electrical wiring diagram
Service mode flow chart
Finger control service Port system
Feature and purpose
Outline of control system
Hydraulic circuit diagram
Knob Switch structure and function
Initial settings of the knob
S/P valve start point setting
Manual feeling setting
Panel display operation flow chart
Proportional control solenoid valve (S/P valve)
Other controls
Kubota Intelligent Control System (KICS)
Features of digital meter
Operationg mode
Service mode menues
Auto idling (AI) control system
Main component's function
Failure diagnosis
Service mode flow chart
Other main components
Amp. unit

Air Conditioner
Servicing specifications
Specifications of A/C system and components
Performance specifications
Adjustment and testing
Ambient temperature vs normal high-low pressure range
Tightening torques
Regular check and service points
Maintenance interval ; Air conditioner
Asking the user and confirming the phenomenon
Troubleshooting from problem symptoms (except refrigeration cycle troubles)
Connecting the pipes
Checking the refrigeration cycle

Anti-theft System
Outline of anti-theft system
Types and roles of keys
Meter panel display for owners and operators
Service mode meter panel display
Electric circuit diagram
Anti-theft key handling
Engine start method with the anti-theft black key
Kubota original anti-theft key and registration
Anti-theft key function test
For sales feature
For structural study
FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

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