Kawasaki Wheel Loader 115Z5 parts + service manual
  • Kawasaki Wheel Loader 115Z5 parts + service manual
  • Kawasaki Wheel Loader 115Z5 parts + service manual
  • Kawasaki Wheel Loader 115Z5 parts + service manual
  • Kawasaki Wheel Loader 115Z5 parts + service manual

Kawasaki Wheel Loader 115Z5 parts + service manual

Brand: Kawasaki
Product Code: Kawasaki
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11.2008 / All Regions / 1 CD / Windows OS, MacOS, Linux / 32 & 64 bit



General Information
Safety precautions
Layout of main components
Inspection and maintenance table
Recommended lubricants
Lubrication chart
Weight of main components
Bolt tightening torque
Hose band tightening torque
Liquid gasket and screw lock agent

Measurement for Performance Check
Cautions on Safety
Standard Measurement Values for Performance Check

Function & Structure Chassis Group
Front Chassis
Loading linkage
Loading linkage pin
Rear Chassis
Fuel tank
Floor board mount
Center Pin
Upper center pin
Lower center pin
Dust seal

Check & Adjustment Chassis Group
Linkage Pin
Center Pin
Adjusting shim
Installing bearing cover
Installing bearing outer ring

Function & Structure Power Group
Power Line
Engine / Transmission
Engine / transmission mount
Radiator mount
Propeller Shaft
First propeller shaft assembly
Second propeller shaft assembly
Third propeller shaft assembly
Axle Assembly
Axle Support
Differential Gear
Function of differential gear
Operation of differential gear

Check & Adjustment Power Group
Measuring engine speed
Measuring engine oil pressure
Propeller Shaft
Propeller shaft phase
Second propeller shaft alignment
Tightening torque
Axle nut tightening procedure

Function & Structure Torque Converter and Transmission Group
Torque Converter
Torque converter structure
Power flow path
Torque multiplication
Torque Converter Gear Pump
Gear pump specifications
Clutch combination
Planetary gear
Shift lever position
Power up switch operation
Gear train and number of teeth
Clutch Pack
Power Flow Path in the Transmission
Hydraulic System Diagram
Hydraulic Circuit Diagram
T/C and T/M Oil Circulation
Oil flow in the torque converter line
Oil flow to the clutch
Modulator Valve Unit
Interior schematic (not exact representation)
Modulation Mechanism
Modulator valve function
Modulator valve operation
Clutch Solenoid Valve

Check & Adjustment Torque Converter and Transmission Group
Clutch Oil Pressure and Time Lag
Measuring clutch oil pressure
Measuring clutch time lag

Function & Structure Hydraulic Group
Flushing Hydraulic Circuit
Purpose of flushing
Cautions on Hydraulic Parts Replacement
Hydraulic Circuit Symbols
Hydraulic lines
Pumps & motors
Operation methods
Pressure control valve
Flow control valve
Directional control valve
Check valve
Miscellaneous hydraulic symbols
Hydraulic System Operation
Hydraulic system operation outline
Hydraulic Tank
Hydraulic tank specifications
Hydraulic oil level check
Hydraulic tank (S/N 0101~0200, 9001~)
Hydraulic tank (S/N 0201~)
Hydraulic Pump
Loading and pilot and brake pump
Pump specifications
Steering pump
Steering pump specifications
Hydraulic pump principle
Hydraulic pump wear plate
Hydraulic pump bushing lubrication
Hydraulic Cylinder
Boom cylinder
Bucket cylinder
Steering cylinder
Hydraulic cylinder specifications
Loading System
Reducing Valve (for Pilot Pressure)
Pilot Valve
Pilot valve operation
Pilot valve detent magnet solenoid
Detent adjustment procedure
Pilot valve
Pilot valve operation
Pre-detent and detent magnet solenoid
Pilot valve  
Multiple Control Valve (KML35A/2T103)
Multiple control valve specifications
Multiple control valve main relief valve
Multiple control valve overload relief valve
Multiple control valve bucket spool
Multiple control valve boom spool
Adapter (Orifice)
Vibration Damper (OPT)
Vibration damper operation
Vibration damper hydraulic line
Steering System
Orbitrol structure
Orbitrol specifications
Orbitrol operation
Orbitrol feed-back mechanism operation
Steering speed and flow rate control
Hydraulic pump oil amount and steering force
Orbit rotor operation principle
Steering Valve (KVS32-A4.0/21)
Steering valve operation
Steering spool variable throttle
Steering valve flow control spool
Steering valve main relief valve
Steering valve overload relief valve
Steering pilot circuit and its operation
Stop Valve
Stop valve function
Stop valve operation
Reducing Valve (for Orbitrol®)
Steering Line Filter
Fan Motor System
Fan Motor Line (S/N 0101~0120, 9001~9010)
Fan Motor (GM30C)
Valve Assembly (for Fan Motor)
Relief Valve (Two-step Relief)
Solenoid Valve (for Fan Speed Control)
Fan Motor Line (S/N 0121~, 9011~)
Fan Motor (GM30W)
Fan motor (FM30) (S/N 0168~)
Thermo Sensing Valve
Fan Motor Relief Valve Assembly
Emergency Steering
Emergency steering operation
Emergency steering hydraulic line
Emergency steering oil flow
Emergency steering pump

Check & Adjustment Hydraulic Group
Loading/Steering Circuit Relief Valve
Loading circuit relief valve setting pressures
Steering circuit relief valve setting pressures
Cylinder natural drift
Stop Valve
Stop valve adjustment procedure
Fan Motor Revolution
Fan maximum revolution measurement

Function & Structure Brake Group
Brake System Outline
Service brake
Parking brake
Auto brake
Adjustment of axle internal pressure
Brake Units Layout
Unloader Valve
Unloader valve operation
Reducing valve
Valve Unit (Main Brake Manifold Block)
Brake Accumulator Line
In-Line Filter
Brake Valve
Brake main valve (left pedal)
Brake pilot valve (right pedal)
Brake valve performance chart
Brake valve outline
Stop Lamp Pressure Switch
Pressure switch (for stop lamp)
Pressure switch (for Declutch)
Service Brake
Service brake operation
Service brake friction plate
Service brake steel plate
Service brake piston
Service brake pedal stroke adjusting mechanism
Parking Brake
Parking brake operation
Parking brake solenoid valve
Parking Brake Manual Release
Parking Brake Spring Chamber
Brake Circuit Check Valve
Auto Brake
Auto brake operation set value
Auto brake circuit
Solenoid valve (for auto brake circuit)
Shuttle Valve

Check & Adjustment Brake Group
Brake Circuit Oil Pressure
Unloader valve setting pressure
Brake valve oil pressure
Service Brake
Service brake performance check
Service brake friction plate wear measurement
Parking Brake
Parking brake performance check
Parking brake clearance adjustment

Function & Structure Electrical Group
How to Use Electrical Wiring Diagram
Electrical Cable Color Codes
Electrical Circuit Symbols
Sensor Mount
Fuse box
Fusible link
Engine Start Circuit
Engine start circuit diagram
Neutral starter
Starter switch
Battery relay
Alternator I terminal wire
Diode unit
Neutral relay
Magnet switch
Voltage relay
Power Generating/Charging Circuit
ECM (Engine Controller)
Function of ECM
Connection diagram
Monitor lamp test
Failure diagnosis
Quantum fault code information
Power mode change
Accelerator pedal
Accelerator pedal
Transmission Control Circuit
Controller connection diagram
Monitor controller
Transmission Control Circuit
Machine control unit (MCU)
Machine control unit (MCU) connection diagram
Monitor Circuit
Monitor controller
Monitoring sensor and switch
Instrument Panel and Switch
Instrument panel
Instrument panel rear surface
Gauge circuit
Fuel gauge circuit
Electrical Detent Circuit
Bucket leveler
Boom kick-out (option)
Detent solenoid
Diode check method
Caution for diode check method
Surge voltage and surge suppression diodes
Diagnostic System
Transmission controller
Monitor controller
Diagnostic failure history indication and deletion
Diagnostic switch
MODM function
Monitor Changeover
MODM: Input/output monitor - Input/output signal correspondence table

Check & Adjustment Electrical Group
Cautions Regarding Electric Circuit Check
Disconnecting or reinstalling connector
How to attach the probes of the circuit tester
Electrical Transmission Control System Troubleshooting Flowchart
Standard troubleshooting flowchart
Transmission Controller Abnormal Operation Judgment
Transmission controller check
Transmission controller LED indicator
Electrical Circuit Check
Shift lever input electrical circuit check
Inching (Declutch) input electrical circuit check
QUAD switch input electrical circuit check
Machine speed sensor input electrical circuit check
Clutch solenoid valve output electrical circuit check
Modulator valve output electrical circuit check
Neutral relay electrical circuit check
Parking brake electrical circuit check
Auto brake electrical circuit check
Gauge circuit electrical circuit check
Fuel level gauge electrical circuit check
Bucket positioner electrical circuit check

Function & Structure Operator Station Group
Wiper mount
Wiper motor
Operator Seat
Steering and Transmission Shift Lever
Tilt case
Column shaft
Shift lever
Air Conditioner
Air conditioner components
Air conditioner structure
Cooling mechanism
Cooling circuit
Electrical circuit
Air conditioner functions of components
Charge of refrigerant
Air conditioner troubleshooting

Check & Adjustment Operator Station Group
Air Conditioner
Adjustment of lubricating oil quantity when components of air conditioner are replaced
Adjustment of air gap (between hub and rotor) in compressor magnetic clutch
Parts to be replaced periodically

Cross-section drawing & Diagrams
Axle Assembly
Torque Converter and Transmission
Loading/Steering Hydraulic Line
Brake Circuit
Electrical Wiring Diagram Abbreviation Chart
Electrical Wiring Diagram Abbreviation Chart
Electrical Wiring Diagram Abbreviation Chart
Electrical Wiring Diagram (CAB)
Electrical Connection Diagram (S/N 9011~)
Electrical Circuit Diagram (Cabin Air Conditioner)
Electrical Wiring Diagram (Cabin Air Conditioner)
Equipment Operation Table (Cabin Air Conditioner)
Electrical Equipment Layout

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