Hitachi Wheel Loader ZW550-G workshop service manual

Hitachi Wheel Loader ZW550-G workshop service manual

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09.2011 / All Regions / 1 CD / Windows OS, MacOS, Linux / 32 & 64 bit

Hitachi Wheel Loader ZW550-G PDF workshop service & repair manual, troubleshooting, operator manual

Languages: English

Cautions Regarding Troubleshooting
Safety Precautions
Quick Troubleshooting Table
Torque Converter and Transmission Group
Machine does not move in any shift lever position
Machine does not move at a certain shift lever position (or: Machine moves only in a certain shift lever position)
Machine moves at the neutral position (Example: Machine moves forward at the neutral position)
Large shock at starting or changing speeds / direction
Large time lag at starting or changing speed / direction
Low power  (Defective torque converter or transmission)
Torque converter oil is overheating
Machine moves reverse when starting to climb up on a slope using inching brake
Automatic speed change is not possible
QUAD switch does not work

Hydraulic Group
Boom and/or bucket do not move
Boom and/or bucket have low power, or move too slowly
Excessive cylinder drift
Boom and/or bucket are spongy (Holding bucket against the ground is not possible)
Bucket positioner (kick out) does not work
Steering is not possible or hard to steer
Machine sways, or has a shock during steering
Abnormal noise in hydraulic system

Brake Group
Brake does not work well (In the worst case, the brake does not work at all)
Brake is dragging when released
Stepping on the brake pedal sounds the buzzer
Accumulator pressure does not rise, or too slow in rising
Parking brake does not work (or: Releasing the brake is not possible)
Auto brake does not work

Electrical Group
Instrument panel does not indicate properly
Breaker of the transmission controller is turned off

Operator Station Group
Air conditioner

General Information
Weight of Main Components
Bolt Tightening Torque
Hose Band Tightening Torque
Liquid Gasket and Screw Lock Agent
Cautions regarding parts removal
Cautions regarding reassembly
Screw lock agent application procedure
How to wind a seal tape
Cautions Regarding Welding Repair Service
Cautions Regarding Handling of Bearing
Bearing installation cautions
Interference fits for a bearing
Bearing removal cautions
Applying and Storing Articulation Stopper
Applying articulation stopper
Storing articulation stopper
Disassembly & Reassembly Chassis Group
Deck removing and installing
Fuel Tank
Fuel tank removing and installing
Hydraulic Tank
Hydraulic tank removing and installing
Engine Room
Engine room removing and installing
ROPS and Cab
ROPS removing and installing
Cab removing and installing
Floor Board
Floor board removing and installing
Boom removing and installing
Center Pin
Upper center pin
Lower center pin
Center pin removing and installing
Service Standard Chassis Group
Linkage Pin Standard Clearance Values
Liner clearance adjustment
Center Pin
Center pin shim adjustment
Grease nipple installing
Bearing assy installing
Bucket Positioner and Boom Kick-Out
Bucket positioner
Attachment leveler adjustable angle
Boom kick-out
Disassembly & Reassembly Power Group
Power Line
Power line tightening torque
Radiator tightening torque
Radiator removing and installing
Fan removing and installing
Engine removing and installing
Propeller Shaft
Propeller shaft removing and installing
Air Cleaner
Air cleaner removing and installing
Muffler removing and installing
Front Axle Assembly
Front axle assembly tightening torque
Front axle assembly removing and installing
Front axle disassembling and assembling
Front axle assembly cautions
Internal Gear Hub
Internal gear hub disassembling and assembling
Spider Assembly
Spider assembly disassembling and assembling
Special Tool
Special tool for axle
Rear Axle Assembly
Rear axle assembly tightening torque
Rear axle assembly removing and installing
Rear axle disassembling and assembling
Axle Support
Axle support tightening torque
Axle support disassembling and assembling
Differential Assembly
Differential assembly removing and installing
Differential assembly disassembling
Service Standard Power Group
Propeller Shaft Service Standard
Axle and Differential Service Standard
Axle group
Disassembly & Reassembly Torque Converter and Transmission Group
Torque Converter
Torque converter removing and installing
Torque converter disassembling and assembling
Transmission removing and installing
Transmission disassembling and assembling
Clutch Assembly
Clutch assembly disassembling and assembling
Clutch Spider Assembly
Transmission low/3rd speed clutch spider disassembling and assembling
Transmission 1st and 2nd speed clutch spider disassembling and assembling
Reverse Clutch Spider
Transmission reverse clutch spider disassembling and assembling
Transmission 1st Clutch Assembly
Transmission 1st speed clutch assy disassembling and assembling
Transmission High Clutch Assembly
Transmission high clutch assy disassembling and assembling
Modulator Valve Assembly
Removing and reinstalling modulator valve
Control Valve Assembly
Control valve removing and installing
Service Standard Torque Converter and Transmission Group
Transmission Assembly
Torque Converter Gear Pump
Gear pump specifications
Gear Train and Number of Teeth
Clutch Oil Pressure
Disassembly & Reassembly Hydraulic Group
Hydraulic Parts Removal and Installation Warning
Hydraulic Parts Disassembly and Assembly Cautions
Hydraulic parts disassembly cautions
Hydraulic parts assembly cautions
Hydraulic Pump Assembly
Hydraulic pump assy removing and installing
Hydraulic pump assy disassembling and assembling
Hydraulic Cylinder
Boom cylinder removing and installing
Bucket cylinder removing and installing
Steering cylinder removing and installing
Hydraulic cylinder disassembling and assembling
Pilot Valve
Pilot valve removing and installing
Pilot valve disassembling and assembling
Multiple Control Valve
Multiple control valve removing and installing
Multiple control valve disassembling and assembling
Orbitrol® removing and installing
Orbitrol® disassembling and assembling
Steering Valve
Steering valve removing and installing
Steering valve disassembling and assembling
Stop Valve
Stop valve removing and installing
Stop valve disassembling and assembling
Fan Motor
Fan motor removing and installing
Service Standard Hydraulic Group
Hydraulic Cylinder
Pilot Valve
Steering Valve
Disassembly & Reassembly Brake Group
Unloader Valve
Unloader valve removing and installing
Unloader valve disassembling and assembling
Manifold Valve Assembly
Valve assembly removing and installing
Valve assembly disassembling and assembling
Accumulator removing and installing
Accumulator disassembling and assembling
Nitrogen gas charging
Brake Valve
Brake valve removing and installing
Brake valve disassembling and assembling
Service Brake
Service brake disassembling and assembling
Parking Brake Actuator
Parking brake actuator removing and installing
Parking brake actuator disassembling and assembling
Parking Brake Assembly
Parking brake assembly removing and installing
Parking brake assembly disassembling and assembling
Service Standard Brake Group
Brake Valve
Service Brake
Parking Brake

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