Ferrari 308 GTB GTS 1975 - 1985 spare parts manual

Ferrari 308 GTB GTS 1975 - 1985 spare parts manual

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05.1978 / USA market / 1 CD / Windows OS, MacOS, Linux / 32 & 64 bit

Ferrari 308 GTB GTS 1975 - 1985 PDF spare parts manual

Language: English, Italian, French

Engine - Gearbox and supports
Crankshaft - connecting rods and pistons
Flywheel and clutch housing spacer
Cylinder head (Right)
Cylinder head (left)
Timing system - Tappets
Timing system - Controls
Air pump and pipings Guards
Antievaporative emission control system
Fuel pump and pipes
Intake cleaner valve and lines
Carburettors and air cleaner
Weber 40 DCNF 72/73/74/75 carburettors
Throttle control
Exhaust system
Blow by system
Lubrication system
Cooling system
Water pump and pipings
Clutch operating control
Clutch unit and cover
Gearbox transmission
Gearbox differential bruising and oil sump
Main shaft gears
Lay shaft gears
Inside gearbox controls
Outside gearbox controls
Differential and axle shafts
Pedal board - brake and clutch controls
Brake system
Calipers for front and rear brakes
Hand brake control
Steering box and linkage
Steering column
Front suspension Shock absorber and brake disc
Front suspension Wishbones
Rear suspension - Shock altsorber and brake disc
Rear suspension Wishbones
Engine ignition
Electric generating system
Air conditioning system
Air conditioning compressor and controls
Tool kit

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