Aston Martin DB7 Vantage 1999 - 2003 Workshop Service Manual

Aston Martin DB7 Vantage 1999 - 2003 Workshop Service Manual

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02.1999 / All Regions / 1 CD / Windows OS, MacOS, Linux / 32 & 64 bit

Aston Martin DB7 Vantage 1999 - 2003 PDF workshop service & repair manual

Language: English

Engines: 6.0L V12 313kW

Engine Specification
Cylinder Bore Grade
Main Bearing Bore (without shells)

Main Bearing Diameter
Main Bearing Clearance
Connecting Rod Bearing Diameter
Connecting Rod Bearing Clearance

Piston Diameter Grade
Piston Clearance

Piston Ring Gaps
Ring Gap - Upper Compression Ring
Ring Gap - Lower Compression Ring
Ring Gap - Oil Control Ring Segments

Connecting Rods
Connecting Rod Bearing Diameter (with shells)
Piston Pin Clearance
Side Clearance

Cylinder Heads
Head Volume
Head Face-Roof Button
Valve Seat Width - Inlet
Valve Seat Width - Exhaust
Camshaft Bore
Camshaft Journals

Valves, Guides & Springs
Spring Force at 40mm Spring Height
Valve Guide Internal Diameter
Valve Guide Maximum Runout
Valve Stem Diameter - Inlet
Valve Stem Diameter - Exhaust
Valve Stem Clearance - Inlet
Valve Stem Clearance - Exhaust
Valve Face Maximum Runout

Valve Lash Adjusters
Outside Diameter

Turning Torque
A - Crankshaft and rear seal only 6 Nm
B - Crank, rear seal + pistons & rods 16-20 Nm
C - Crank, rear seal, pistons & rods + camshafts & tensioned chains

Crank Sensors
Air Gap

Cam Sensors
Air Gap

Spark Plugs
Type Dual Platinum Fine Wire

Fuel, Emission Control and Exhaust
Fuel System Schematic Diagrams
Fuel Tank
Fuel Pumps
Evaporative Loss System
On-Board Refuelling Vapour Recovery (US Specification)
Fuel Rails and Injectors
Exhaust System
Engine Management
Fuel System Safety Precautions

Service Procedures
Depressurise the Fuel System
Fuel System - Pressure Test
Throttle Cables
Throttle Body and Adaptor
Inlet Manifold Removal
Air Filters
Mass Air Flow Meter
Fuel Rails and Injectors
Fuel Tank Draining
Fuel Tank Removal
Fuel Pump Removal
Fuel Filter Renewal
Exhaust System
Exhaust Manifolds

Transmissions - General Description
Tremec T-56 Manual Gearbox
ZF 5 HP-30 Automatic Gearbox
Transmission Components
Transmission Control Module
Auto Transmission
Solenoid/Clutch Application

Output Flange Oil Seal Renew
Torque Converter Removal
Automatic Transmission Fluid Check/Top-Up
Gear Shift Interlock Solenoid Removal
Gear Shift Lever Renew
Gear Selector Cable Assembly
Rotary Switch Removal
Speed Sensor Renew
Oil Pump Shaft Seal Renew
Shift Unit Removal
Regulator/Solenoid Valve Removal
Propeller Shaft Remove
Clutch Assembly Renew
Transmission Fluid Check and Top-up
Master Cylinder Renew
Clutch Hydraulic System Bleed
Manual Transmission - Removal
Propeller Shaft Remove
Oil Cooling Pump Removal
Pinion Shaft Oil Seal Renew
Output Shaft Assembly Renew
Output Shaft Bearing Renew
Hypoid Casing Rear Cover Seal Renew
Speedometer Sensor Adjust
Hypoid Unit Remove

Suspension and Steering
Front Suspension
Front Suspension - Description
Suspension Settings
Suspension Set-up
Ride Height and Suspension Geometry Checks
Upper Balljoint - Renew
Lower Balljoint - Renew
Front Hub Bearing - Renew
Bump Stops - Renew
Rebound Stops - Renew
Upper Wishbone - Renew
Lower Wishbone Renew
Front Suspension Mounting Bush - Renew
Front Suspension Rear Mounting - Renew
Front Shock Absorber - Renew
Front Road Springs - Renew
Front Anti-roll Bar - Renew
Anti-roll Bar Link Arm - Renew
Anti-roll Bar Bushes - Renew

Rear Suspension
Rear Suspension - Description
Hypoid - Description
Rear Suspension Height Check
Check and Adjust the Camber Angle
Rear Spring / Shock Absorber
Radius Arm Bushes Renew
Wishbone / Inner Fulcrum Mounting Bracket - Renew
Rear Suspension Unit Renewal
Rear Suspension Mountings
Anti-roll Bar Renew (Coupe only)
Rear Wheel Toe Adjustment
Drive Shaft Description
Drive Shaft Renew and Overhaul

Steering - Description
Front Wheel Toe Adjustment
Front Wheel Castor / Camber - Check and Adjust
Track Rod Ball Joint Renew
Upper Steering Column Renw
Power Assisted Steering System Bleed
Power Steering Rack Renew
Steering Rack Bushes Renew
Steering Rack Feed Hose Renew
Steering Rack Return Hoses Renew
Power Steering Rack Gaiter
Power Steering Pump Renew
Power Steering Fluid Cooler Renew (RHD only)
Power Steering Reservoir Renew

Brakes, Wheels and Tyres
Braking System
Brakes - General Description
Anti-lock Braking System / Traction Control System
Braking System Components
Brake Vacuum Booster
Tandem Master Cylinder
Brake Fluid Reservoir
Front Brake Calipers
Rear Brake Calipers
Anti-lock Braking System
ABS Modulator Unit
ABS Control Module
Wheel Speed Sensors
Hydraulic Operation
Non ABS Diagnostics
ABS Control Module Pin Connections
ABS Control Module - Quick Checks
ABS Diagnostics

Service Procedures
Brake Bleeding Procedure
Front Brake Caliper Renew
Front Brake Pads Renew
Front Brake Disc Renew
Fluid Reservoir Renew
Master Cylinder Assembly - Renew
ABS Modulator and Control Module Renew
Rear Brake Disc Renew
Rear Brake Pad Renew
Rear Brake Caliper Renewal
Handbrake Setting Procedure
Handbrake Shoes Renew

Wheels and Tyres
General Information
Misalignment and Road Cambers Effects
Tyre and Wheel Balance
Irregular Wear and Tyre Damage
Road Wheel Removal and Refitting
Spare Wheel

Service Procedures
Electrical Systems General Description
Procedures for Battery Disconnecton and Reconnection
Headlamp Unit Removal
Headlamp Alignment
Front Indicator/Parking/Fog Lamp Removal
Rear Lamp Cluster Removal
Side Repeater Lamps Removal
Side Marker Lamps - Federal Markets Only Removal
Windscreen Wiper Motor Removal
Alternator Removal
Starter Motor Removal
Column Switches Removal
Ignition Switch Removal
Instrument Panel Removal
Radio Removal
Air Conditioning and Switch Panel Removal
Window, Hood, Transmission Mode and Traction Control Switches
Seat Control Switch Panels Removal
Front Interior Lamps Removal
Rear Interior Lamps Removal
Front Seat Removal
Front Seat Runner Assembly Removal
Front Seat Rail Motor Removal
Lumbar Support Motor Removal
Seat Recline Motor
Seat Control Module
Door Edge Lamps

Supplementary Restraint System (SRS)
Driver Airbag
Passenger Airbag
Front Seat Belt Pretensioners
Occupant Restraint Module
Safety Precautions and Warnings
Emergency First Aid Procedures
Health and Safety
Scrapping Vehicles With Live Airbags
Scrapping Vehicles With Deployed Airbags
Disposal of Live Airbags
Disposal of Deployed Airbags
General Servicing Instructions
Drivers Airbag Module Renew
Passengers Airbag Module Renew
Occupant Restraint Module Renew
Pretensioner Assembly Renew
Airbag System Diagnostics
Airbag Disarming / Arming Procedures
Airbag Diagnostic Fault Codes

The Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS)
Description and Operations
PATS Functional Description
Fault Codes
PDU Procedures

Electrical Component Location and Wiring Information
Fuse and Relay Locations
Fuse Lists
Relay Location
Relay List
Wiring Harness Locations
How to Locate an Electrical Component
Component Location Index
Component Location Diagrams
Circuit Diagrams

Security System - Restricted Circulation
The Security System
RF Transponder Key Learning
Special Features Programming
Security Datalogger
Diagnostic Trouble Codes and Alarm History

Electrical Information from Chassis 300556/400557
Instrument Panel Diagnostics
Fusebox and Relay Chassis Location
Circuit Diagram List

Chassis and Body
Body Repair
Potential Risks
General Repair Notes
Steel Body Parts - Repair, Remove and Replace
RTM Body Parts
Volante Roof
Roof Removal/Replacement
Roof Hydraulic Control System
Bleeding the Roof Hydraulic System
Rear Quarter Window Renewal
Rear Quarter Glass Adjustment
Rear Quarter Window Lift Motor - Left Hand
Rear Quarter Window Lift Motor - Right Hand
Door Glass Adjustment
Roof Sealing and Wind Noise
Cleaning of Alcantara Trimmed Roof Lining and Interior Components

Body Panel and Trim Removal
Coupe Body Panels
Volante Body - Front End
Volante Body - Rear End
Filler Flap
Door Panels
Door Lock and Latch
Front Wings
Boot Lid
Body Fittings
Front Bumper
Rear Bumper - European
Rear Bumper - Federal
Door Glass
Volante Rear Quarter Glass
Facia and Trim
Coupe Centre Console
Volante Centre Console
Door Casings and Fittings
Volante Seals
Coupe Door Seals
Upper Trim and Roof
Volante Upper Trim and Roof
Volante Roof Lift Pump and Header Trim
Front Seats and Belts
Rear Seats and Belts

Air Conditioning
General Description
System Description
Special Servicing Tools and Equipment
Working Practices
Handling Refrigerant
Handling Lubricating Oil
System Maintenance
The Air Conditioning System
Temperature Control
Fan Speed / Defrost Switch
Face Level Temperature Differential
Refrigeration Cycle
System Protection
General System Procedures
Leak Test
Charge Recovery (System Depressurisation)
Evacuating the System
Adding Compressor Lubricating Oil
Adding Refrigerant
Functional Check
System Trouble Shooting
Air Conditioning Control Module (ACCM)
In-Car Controls
Temperature Demand Switch
Face Level Differential Controller
Air Conditioning Mode Switch
Fan Speed Control Switch
Temperature Sensors
Ambient Temperature Sensor
Evaporator Sensor
Motorised In-Car Aspirated Sensor
Water Temperature Switch
Blower Motors
Servo Motors
Vacuum System
Pressure/Temperature Graphs
System Fault Diagnosis
Fault Finding
System Fault Diagnosis
Blower Motor Test
Open Water Temperature Switch Leads
Short Water Temperature Switch Leads
Compressor Clutch Control
Trinary Switch
Expansion Valve
Visteon Compressor FS
Manifold Gauge Set
System Checking with the Manifold Gauge Set
Connecting the Manifold Gauge Set
Stabilising the System
Purging the Test Hoses
Leak Test
Manifold Gauge Set Check Procedures
Refrigerant Slightly Low
Refrigerant Excessively Low
Air In The System
Compressor Malfunction
Moisture in the System
A Large Amount of Air in the System
Expansion Valve Malfunction
Restriction in the High Pressure Side

Air Conditioning Repair Procedures
Recover, Recycle and Recharge the Refrigerant
Recovering Refrigerant
Evacuating and Recycling the Refrigerant
Recharging the System
Torque Levels for the Hose Connections
Compressor Oil Level Check
Compressor Removal/Renewal
Clutch Field Coil Renew
Expansion Valve Renew
Hose-Compressor to Evaporator Renew
Air Conditioning Unit Renew
Evaporator Unit Renew
Upper Feedback Potentiometer Renew
Lower Feedback Potentiometer Renew
Upper Flap Motor Assembly Renew
Lower Flap Motor Assembly Renew
Ambient Temperature Sensor Renew
Blower Motor Driver Side Renew
Blower Motor Passenger Side Renew
Blower Assembly Driver/Passenger Side Overhaul
Blower Motor High Speed Relay Renew
Water Temperature Switch Renew
Heater Matrix Renew

Aston Martin Diagnostic System
The Aston Martin Diagnostic System
Diagnostic System Cables
Base Station Installation
Problem Solving
Genrad Service
The Aston Martin Lagonda Diagnostic System User Guide
PDU Power
Engine Diagnostics (DB7 Vantage)
Air Conditioning Diagnostics
Diagnostic Sockets
Establishing Communications
System Menu Selections
Diagnostic Trouble Codes
System Specific Tests
Engine Diagnostics
Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
KOEO and KOER On Demand Self Tests (ODST)
OBD II Readiness Test Monitor
Throttle Position Sensor Track Test
Output State Control
Transmission Diagnostics
Engine and Transmission Datalogger - (PIDs) Parameter Identifications
Diagnostic Trouble Codes
Freeze Frame Data
Climate Control Diagnostics
Anti-Lock Braking Diagnostics
Passive Anti Theft (PATS) Diagnostics
Security System Diagnostics
Airbag / Pretensioner Diagnostics
Airbag Diagnostic Trouble Code Monitor
Print Facility
Aston Martin PDU - PC Software
Self Test Adaptor
Print Screen
Print Trace
Image Capture and Download
Digital Multimeter
Serial Communication
Parallel Communication
Using the Datalogger
Datalogger Example
OBD II Scan Tool
Accessing Freeze Frame Data
User Self Test
System Setup

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