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08.2020 / All Regions / 1 DVD / Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 / 32 & 64 bit

Allison Transmission DOC 2020 Diagnostic Optimized Connection

Allison DOC designed for use with Allisons 3000/4000 families transmissions, 1000/2000 families transmissions,

TC10 transmissions using CEC5/CEC3/CEC2/CEC1 controls. Capable of communicating with Allison 5th gen control system module, 4th gen control system, WTEC II and WTEC III control units

Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Polish


Monitors 3000/4000 product families TCM

Monitors 1000/2000 product families TCM

Monitors TC10 TCM data

Monitors CEC5/CEC3/CEC2 ECU data

Monitors CEC ECU, using a proprietary protocol displays multiple transmission parameters

Reads engine faults

Displays a graphical instrument panel with analog and digital gauges

Displays a graphical strip chart

Records and plays back diagnostic sessions

Prints diagnostic reports

Reprogram selected TCM parameters

Diagnostic trouble code information with a direct link

Security measures to control reprogramming TCM/ECU parameters

Diagnostic Trouble Code information

Displays multiple transmission parameters

Monitors transmission control modules/control units

Clear transmission trouble codes

Access to TCM configuration data

SmartConnect for detecting PC-to-vehicle translation device and communication link

and others

Connecting the pc to the control system:

Dearborn DPA4 USB device

97000 kit for Noregon Wireless/USB translator

J-47943 DPA4 / J-47943-A DPA4 Plus

Nexiq USB Link J1850 / CEC1 protocol

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