ODIS Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service 2.2.4 2015

ODIS Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service 2.2.4 2015

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03.2015 / All Regions / 4 DVD-DL / Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP / 32 & 64 bit

OFFBOARD DIAGNOSTIC INFORMATION SYSTEM SERVICE ODIS 2.2.4 + Audi / Volkswagen / Seat / Skoda 2015 Flash files

Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service is designed for all VW Group brands - Audi/Volkswagen/Seat/Skoda/Lamborghini/Bentley

ODIS used during workshop diagnosis and can identify vehicle control modules, read DTC memory entries and assist with vehicle repairs through Guided Fault Finding.
Functions such as measurement support, flashing control modules and vehicle self-diagnosis expand the range of application.

Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and others

PCMCIA slot with EDIC card or Bluetooth using VAS5054 or USB cable to VAS5054
PT boxes and VAS 5055
Supported tester hardware
VAS5051B, VAS5052A, VAS6150, VAS6150A, VAS6150B, VAS6160

New features/Bugfixes added in ODIS 2.2.4:
- Error in Visualization of XML special characters
- Search in measured values does not work correctly
- Last tester message not available in diagnosis protocol
- Guided functions not filtered by variant in fast diagnosis entry (Crafter)
- Car change detected after car identification
- Measured value blocks are not shown in self diagnosis (MSG/7M-Sharan)
- Button to stop diagnosis session missed
- Error ODS4009E in diagnosis entry
- Errors because of missing block diagram
- Flashen of Daimler ECUs not possible (Crafter)
- Scroll bar for measured value table not available
- Error message "ODS4009e" because of Heap Space Errors.
- Error message "ODS8007e" with MCD error code "3010" (Logical Link handling).
- Wrong times in diagnosis protocol.
- ODIS Service crash because of "swt exception".
- Connection type of VAS5054 in diagnosis protocol.
- Software update of Audi ECUs does not work (IM42759635,IM42746306,IM42757707, IM42858565, IM42898452).
- Wrong times in diagnosis protocols (IM42800948; IM42798373; IM42866057; IM42937851, IM42743395).
- ODIS Service hangs up during detection of vehicle identification number (IM42874482).
- ODIS SERVICE - error message during measurement of oil consumption (IM42857591).
- ODS4009E - Error during transmission of diagnosis protocol (org.eclipse.swt.SWTException: Widget is disposed) (IM42894024).
- Error message during change from "Diagnosis" to "ECU software update" (IM42017086).
- Error message during check of generator (IM41993121).
- Workflow_runner error during error code reading (IM42384650, IM42335203).
- Self diagnosis GES-ANP, button not shown (IM42392182).
- Oil temperature not shown in GFF. (IM42465459).
- Error message "ODS4009E" during system query in GFF (IM42502049).


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